31 Unbelievably Creative Oreo Halloween Treats The Kids Will Love

Here are 31 amazing Oreo treats you can make this Halloween with your kids. These Halloween treats will turn heads.

These halloween oreo treats are so freaking good! They will certainly turn some heads.

We all love Oreos and so do the kids. With Halloween approaching we wanted to have some fun in the kitchen and try creating some Halloween treats that use Oreos.

Using a premade ingredient like Oreos makes the whole baking with your kid’s experience much simpler. Since the main ingredient is already made for you. Your job is to create something around it.

So we got searching for some easy Halloween treats that use Oreos, and wow there are some great looking treats you can make.

Mostly chocolate covered, win-win, and generally quite easy to make, there’s even an oreo filled brownie!!

Here’s what we found. All the reviews link to the original post.

Let’s be inspired.

The Best Halloween Oreo Treats To Make With Your Kids

Oreo Halloween Treat

Round up the kids and get the Oreos out because today we have a delightful collection of oreo treats that you and your kids can make for Halloween. Some of these Halloween Oreo treats are harder to make than others but whatever happens, it will be fun! The perfect Halloween party treats.

Here are some amazing Halloween Oreo Treats we found on pinterest

We love Pinterest, there are some truly beautiful ideas on there. Here are some more Halloween Treat ideas with Oeros that you could try.

Mickey and Minnie mouse Halloween Oreo treats

Made with Oreo cookies, these are fun Halloween treats for Disney lovers. See how you can make them at livinglocurto.com.

Oreo Bat Treats

Make these dead simple bat themed oreo treats over at orsoshesays.com.

Oreo Pumpkin Pops

These pumpkin cake pops are so simple to make and require no baking at all. Get the recipe over at suburbansimplicity.com.

Halloween Oreo Pops

Cake pops are so fun to make with the kids. These are super fun and easy to make. get the step by step guide to making your own Halloween oreo pops with fivehearthome.com

Oreo Monsters

Bright colorful and fun, these monster oreo treats are great for kids to make and give to their friends at Halloween. Make them at cupcakediariesblog.com.

Oreo Mummy Bark

You just have to try these oreo treats this Halloween, using crushed Oreos this mummy bark won’t last very long. Make it at chelseasmessyapron.com.

Spider Oreo Pops

Again over at chelseasmessyapron.com, you can make these fun looking spider pops with Oreos and some melted chocolate.

Scary Oreos

Make these creepy pumpkin cookies with the pumpkin spice Oreos and orange candy melts, oooooh so good. Make it with eighteen25.com.

Witches Cat Oreo Treats

Not too difficult to make these simple black cat oreo treats are a fun addition to your Halloween treats table. Make them with partypinching.com.

Spooky Bat Oreo Cookie Balls

These spooky bat oreo bites are a fun treat to enjoy this Halloween. Try making your own with lifeloveandsugar.com.

Jack Skelleton Oreo

These Jack Skeleton chocolate covered oreo treats are great fun to make and the kids will love eating them up. Get the recipe at bakincareofbusiness.com.

Oreo Eye Ball Treat

One of the few recipes where you can eat half of an oreo as you go as these use only half an oreo and it’s filling to create these creepy eyeballs. See how they are made at 100directions.com.

Various Chocolate Halloween Oreo Treats

Some fun to decorate oreo Halloween treats for you and the kids to try. Get the DIY instructions at thebakerupstairs.com.

Bat Oreo Cupcakes

We love a cupcake at a party, these cute Halloween cupcakes use an oreo topper. Try making your own at yourcupofcake.com.

Mummy Oreo Treats

One of the simplest oreo Halloween treats you could make are these Mummy Oreos. See what to do at therockstarmommy.com.

Blood Splatter Oreo Cookies

These are actually so easy to make and effective! Blood splattered oreo cookies. See how easy they are to make here at cutefetti.com.

Monster Oreo Pop s

We had to include these monster style Oreo pops. They are a great vibrant color, we love them. You’re sure to have some fun making this Halloween treat with your kids. Get the recipe at monstamoons.at (it’s a german site but works with google translate)

Thanks for taking the time to read our post, we hope we have inspired you and you found a few Oreo treats to make this Halloween. 

We are going to try the chocolate covered Oreos and make some fun monster designs. Wish us luck. 

These creative Halloween Oreo Treats are fun and easy to make. The kids will love making them and eating them this Halloween.
31 Oreo treats to make this Halloween that the kids will love!! #halloweentreats

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