How To Plan The Perfect Halloween Party For Kids

Every year we have a Halloween party for our family and friends. The children get so excited and we go all out for it, we all dress up, play fun Halloween games, tell spooky stories (not too spooky) and have chili and hotdogs.


The children and adults always have such a great time. I love planning a party so when it comes to Halloween I'm always looking at new games to play, DIY decorations, and spooky food ideas etc, to make it better than the last.


Today I've outlines the steps i take to create a scary memorable Kids Halloween Party.


Here are some ideas to create a fun filled, spooky Halloween party.


Yard Decorations

Bring your party to life with some DIY Halloween decor. The fun starts in the front yard so make sure you start with these basic props and decorations. When your guests arrive you want them to know they are in for a fun packed night or scares and dares. Here are some DIY yard Halloween ideas to get you started.


DIY Chicken Wire Ghost


Image credit goes to eHow


imagine your garden filled with these ghostly figures. They are not as hard to make as they look. 


Hanging Cage

Image credit goes to The Navage Patch


Although this takes a bit of time and might be a two man job it's well worth the effort. These look great.

DIY Tombstones

Image credit goes to eHow


These DIY tombstones will add a spooky feel to your front yard or garden. These would look good with some dry smoke machine and those chicken wire ghosts lurking around. 


Porch Ideas

Trick or treaters and your guests are ready to knock, but what frights will they meet on your porch. Here are some ideas we found to get you ready.


Witches Broom Sticks

halloween party ideas

Image credit goes to The Rehomesteaders


Put these on your porch to make it look like there are witches are at your party. 


Floating Witches hats

halloween party ideas for kids

Image credit goes to Polkadot Chair


If you have space these witches hat lights add a nice feature to your spooky yard.


Witches Legs

Image credit goes to Grillo Designs


Wizard of oz style. Make these DIY witches legs and place them in a bush or straight into the ground.



We can't forget the must have pumpkins. Get creative with your kids. We found so many great pumpkin ideas on Pinterest, here are a couple of our favorites no carve pumpkins. 


Little Frank

Image credit goes to My Little Slice Of Bliss


Boo Pumpkin

pumpkin design ideas

Image credit goes to The Sweetest Occasion



Sally Pumpkin

Image credit goes to Crafty Morning


Decorated Front Doors

Lastly, let the kids help decorate your door.



Image credit goes to Events To Celebrate 



Image credit goes to Twin Dragon Fly Designs


Your aim is to excite your guests from the moment they see your house right up until they reach the door.


Halloween Interior Decor Ideas

Next let's look at some ideas for Halloween interior decor.


Of course you can just head out to the shops or go online to find a lot of fun Halloween decor and you should but if like us you like a to have a go and stretch your money then these DIY decorations will inspire you.


Flame Free Lanterns

Image credit goes to Crayon and Dollars


Bat Centerpiece

DIY halloween party

Image credit goes to The Sweetest Occasion


Spider Mason Jar

Image credit goes to Mon Dot


Spider's Web

Halloween Party web

Image credit goes to Crafty Lumber Jacks



Image credit goes to Griffiths Rated


Party Food

No party comes without food. Most of the time it's a buffet and for good reason, its easy and you can prep and make food during the day. Your guests will want to pick as and when they feel hungry. Most conversation between adults is usually at the buffet table. It's defiantly where Luke hangs out at our parties. Keep it simple and add in some of these fun scary food ideas.


Here are some Halloween themed food ideas. 


Witch Finger Cookies

Image credit goes to Texanerin


Monster Berries

Halloween kids

Image goes to Abcs and Laughing Peas


So good I could eat them. The kids will absolutely love them. 


Blood Severed Fingers

Image credit goes to Salty Canary


Frankenstein Crispy Square

Krispies halloween party food

Image credit goes to A Cultivated Mess


Mummy Pizza

Image credit goes to Pillsbury


Who doesn't love pizza, it's a buffet must. these Mummy pizzas look really fun and easy to make. I think I'll try them one day this week with the kids. 


Meatball Mummy

Image credit goes to Spend With Pennies


Breadstick Snake

Image credit goes to Kitchen At Hoskins


Witch Finger Krispie Treat

Party Food

Image credit goes to Two Sisters Crafting


Frankenstein Twinkies

Image credit goes to Bullocks Buzz 


Black Widow Venom Punch

Image credit goes to Lady Behind The Curtain  


You need a centerpiece and it should always be cake. Cake, cake, cake. My mum makes the best cakes even if she doesn't think so. Here are two ideas to get you thinking. If your family loves unicorns they will love this cake idea.


Witch Unicorn

Image credit goes to Cup Cake Project



Image credit goes to Wilton


And finally the games


Complete your Halloween party with some fun games for the kids and big kids in some cases. Of course there are your must have traditional Halloween games like hanging donuts AKA the best game ever we play it every year and apple bobbing but there are many more games you can try. Here's a list of a few we thought you'd like.


Party Games


Feed The Monster

Image credit goes to Tried and True Blog


Poke a Pumpkin Game

Image credit goes to Fun 365


Tin Can Bowling

halloween party games

Image credit goes to Party Delights


Slime Station

Image credit goes to Little Bins For Little Hands


Slime is booming right now, although it is a pain to clean up kids love it. Create a slime station for the kids to make or play with slime.  


As you can see planning your Halloween party shouldn't be such a daunting challenge. There are plenty of DIY Halloween party ideas here for you. Get creative and make this year's Halloween party the best one yet. I can't wait to see the look on the kids faces when we have our annual family party at the end of the month.


There's just one more thing you need to do. Find the perfect outfits to wear. I'll leave that to you for now.


I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did please share it by pinning it on Pinterest.


Have a spooky Halloween!

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