Neat Ikea Kallax ideas and Hacks for boys bedrooms

Simplicity at its finest. We love the IKEA Kallax shelving unit as it’s the ideal solution for a clean and tidy look. Especially when you have two boys that have so many toys.

As a parent of two boys that share a room, storage is an ongoing issue and any chance we have to make use of space is vital. Not only storage but it’s important that the kids have space to play with their toys.  

When we think of cheap but sturdy innovative furniture, IKEA comes to mind and the Kallax shelving unit is such a versatile piece.

There are so many ways you can use the Kallax shelves, little hacks to make them unique and stand out.  They are so strong that you can use them as we did to make a bed; some people have even used them as steps beside a loft bed.

If you’ve taken a trip to IKEA you’ll know that they have so many different inserts now allowing you to configure them in so many ways to suit your design and storage needs.

We are huge fans of the Ikea Kallax unit. In the boys bedroom we have a 2 x 2 Kallax cube that the TV sits on. Stored within it we have a gaming shelf, a bookshelf and two soft cubes that are full of fancy dress and toy cars.

We also made use of the Kallax bed hack! The boys have a loft bed and the youngest was in his cot bed still underneath. So we cut the legs off the cot bed and then raised it up using two 1 x 4 Kallax shelving units. So now we have been able to add 8, yes 8 more shelves that we store many toys hidden away in those nice storage cube inserts. They love it and it means I don’t have to look at their messy room so much. It’s so much tidier. They also like pulling out the cube inserts and then hiding under the bed. Endless fun!

So we went on the hunt to find some more ideas for our boy’s bedroom and here’s some of the best that we found. We hope they inspire your next project.

Some are hacks and some are simply nice well designed boy’s rooms to inspire you.

Ikea Kallax Hacks For Boys bedrooms

Here are some fun Kallax hacks that you could try in your boy’s bedroom to maximize storage and minimize the mess.

twin bed Storage Hack

This is very similar to what we did. Use two horizontal Kallax units on the floor and screw the bed to it.

Get the DIY instructions and make yours with ikeahackers.

lego hack

I really like this idea. Not only have they raised the Kallax unit off the floor slightly but they’ve affixed a Lego sheet to the top of the Kallax unit so their kids can play lego on it. So cute. Get the DIY instructions at serendipitous.

Kallax high bed hack

In love, this is the cutest room for toddlers and young kids to play in making full use of the Ikea Kallax units. make your own High bed aka loft bed here with barefootbeachbird.

No-Sew bench for the kallax

Add a nice bench for you boys with this no-sew IKEA bench hack. great for sitting on to read their books. Get the DIY instructions with katedecorates.

kallax desk hack

Make a desk for your kids with this IKEA Kallax inspired computer desk hack. Get the DIY instructions at hometalk. Anything to encourage play and work.

Mario cubes, be inspired

I think I’ll hold back on showing our son this for now, I know he will really want it. See how you can make them with mysupermarioboy.

Pins that inspired me and that just look fun

The following are simple inspiring IKEA Kallax images of what can be done in your boy’s bedroom.

Here are just a handful of the possibilities for what you can do with your Kallax. Some are clickable and some are just images.

Boys nursery

Time for a makeover? A simple use for the Kallax unit.

bedroom transformation

Star wars bedroom

This is a little bit of a steal as it’s a Star Wars themed decal from Etsy but it gives you an idea of how it could look in your boy’s bedroom.

The coolest kids bedroom ever

Trust me, you need to check out this site, its the coolest bedroom ever. There’s actually a surprising amount of boy bedrooms on Pinterest with similar designs. To see what I mean you have to check it out. They use three different Ikea Kallax units in this bedroom. Go take a look here.

Toddlers Bedroom makeover

Toddler bedroom makeover featuring the Kallax shelving unit. See more images and Kallax makeup at twinpickle.

Captain America bedroom

Our little one would love this, one for the future when its time to change the bedroom again. Love it.

Go big

You’ll get a lot of things stored in this large Kallax unit. Doesn’t it look nice with the baby blue and white?

Toddlers nursery


Baby boy nursery

Bunk bed steps

Reading bench

Here are some more ideas for your kid’s bedroom from #instagram

here are some fun ideas for your boy’s bedroom using the Ikea Kallax units from Instagram.

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