Our First Month Blogging Goals and Targets

my first month blogging

One of our primary aims of this blog is to make it our main source of income so we spend more time at home doing fun things with our kids. While being able to teach you how to do the same.


In this post we are going to set our monthly targets to make sure we are accountable. Me and Demi have a really bad habit of starting things and then moving on to the next before finishing them. By being open with what we hope to do, hopefully we will be more likely to actually get them done!  


So as a youngster I was always encouraged to get a good education and find either a well paid job or one that I enjoy but still pays well. In fact society still teaches us this. 


If you want to earn good money we are told, go to school get an education, go to University or College and now it seems you need to get a masters degree and then try to find a job.


While this is mostly true, the education system isn’t for everyone and some might argue its dated.


When I look around and see bloggers and YouTubers making thousands goofing around, sharing what they love, it gets you wondering. If they can do it, why cant I. I’m a firm believer that if he or she can do it then so can I. And so can you.


So after on and off tinkering with website building and some basic blogging I thought lets go for it. Let’s really try to make a blog that can provide our family with a full time income.


The big picture for us is to have multiple blogs making a good income. I would like to say this will be our main blog but actually who knows what might happen. This will certainly be our family focused blog where we share our daily struggles and successes and our main focus over the coming months as we try to grow a good healthy following. 


If you are reading this I’m going to take a guess and say you either have a blog or are thinking about starting a blog of your own. It’s important to know where you want to take your blog or roughly at least. we have no idea what is going to happen with ours but we will try to shape where it ends up. to do this we need to set targets and this is exactly what you should be doing. 


What we know we want;

Ultimately all we want is to be able to spend more time with our kids and enjoy life. Its short and we only get one shot at it. But how we get there through this site is to generate an income and this is how we “think” we can make a start. 


  1. Over 100k monthly visitors
  2. An Info Product to sell
  3. 5 million Pinterest Viewers


Assuming we get number 1 and/ or 3 then we can make and sell an info product relating to how we did it to help others like yourself replicate it. With a little bit of research with 100k page views per month we should be able to bring in close to $1000 in ad income a month. Plus carefully placed affiliate links and we could bring in up to $800. Of course this is all hypothetical however using other bloggers “Income Reports” in similar niches you can workout from that roughly what you would get. 


So with ad revenue and affiliate links alone we would be just shy of $2000. 


The big money would be in a good info product of our own. So that’s the aim. Let’s make it happen. 


October Goals

Here is our goals for October and how we will go about achieving them. Baring in mind we are already half way through October so we better get a move on!


1. Improve The Site Design and Functionality

The site is up as you can see but it’s not perfect. I’ll make subtle changes here and there as we develop the look and feel that we think suits our band.


2. Create 8 Quality Posts

As this is a new site we need to create some content. We have given ourselves a goal of posting a minimum of 8 new blog posts. We are already on 3 so only 5 more. We have the post titles decided so just need to get writing.


3. Increase Our Pinterest Reach To 20k Views Per Month

We currently have 2, yes just 2 monthly active viewers whoop! This is a brand new account also so it’s going to be an interesting journey. We are going to start by joining a load of group boards to share our new content to and hope we gain some traction from this.


4. Join 20 Group Boards

Group boards on Pinterest can give you a lot of reach. We aim to find and join 20 boards this month. We 2 weeks left of October we need to get a move on. We got accepted to 3 last night so almost there!


5. Get To 1000 Page Views On Our Website

So we currently have no visitors. It’s really sad but it will change as we get more blog posts up. Baby steps. We are aiming for 1000 by the month’s end. We will do this through Pinterest only as its going to be our main source of traffic unless Google somehow ranks us.


6. Find A Source Of Monetization

We currently have no means of monetization so our mission is to find some that will suit our site.


Our main sources of income will come from affiliate links and ads. We might sell our own product one day but for now our only options are affiliates and ads.


Amazon looks like a good start and maybe an ad network but I may wait until we have more depth to our blog. Ill also look at some other affiliates to see if we can fit them into what we do.


Eventually we want to partner up with Mediavine for our ads but need to be hitting 25k sessions a month.


If you’re not sure what a session is, when a user visits your site regardless of whether they visit one post or many that visit is classed as a session. Compared to page views is which is a count of how many pages have been viewed.


As you can see there’s a bit of work that needs to be done to take this blog from hobby to income. One thing you must keep in mind if you’re starting your own blog is that you should treat it like you’ve invested thousands of pounds on it. That way you just have to pay attention to it. Make it worth that 100k. If you spent 100k on something you wouldn’t ignore it would you.


Next month I’ll let you know how we got on. I’m not hoping for much in terms of income but a solid foundation from that we can build is more important for the longevity of this blog.


If you haven’t already do so, go away and start writing down what you want to achieve from your blog. It will give you focus and direction ultimately helping you reach you blogging goals faster. 


If you are in it for fast results whether its engagement, positive comments from your viewers, money or enjoyment, getting fast results through lots of traffic will encourage you to keep working hard to create more quality content for your viewers. 

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