The 20 Cutest DIY Mason Jar Craft Ideas With Instructions

20 of The Cutest Mason Jar Crafts to try today to brighten up your home. DIY bell jar and mason jar crafts.

Mason jars are not only for preserving food. Oh no, they are in fact super trendy as home decor and often used as glasses for beverages. So much so that you can even buy mason jars with a handle just for that purpose.

With a quick search on Pinterest you’ll be bombarded with crafty mason jar crafts some beautiful and some questionable. We compiled 20 of the cutest mason jar crafts that we could find. There are some really nice finds here. I hope you find some inspiration for your next mason jar craft. I particularly love number 1, 8, 14, 16.

Your 20 Cutest mason jar crafts

Mason Jar Crafts

Try these beautiful mason jar craft ideas that you can DIY at home to brighten up your home.

I hope you liked our 20 Cutest Mason Jar Craft Ideas and found something inspiring. Remember you can click through on each one to make it for yourself.

Happy Mason Jar crafting! Dont forget to tag us on Pinterest and share you beautiful mason jar crafts with us!

The Cutest Mason Jar Crafts that you can make at home to brighten up your home.

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