The Goofiest Halloween Bunting Printable For Kids To Make

Make this Halloween bunting printable with your kids. It's a fun and easy Halloween craft that you all can do to make your house super spooky.

This Halloween bunting is so easy to print and make that you could easily cover your house with it. It looks dead fun as well.

We decorate the house for the kids each Halloween, usually with store brought decorations but from time to time we like to let them get crafty and create something of their own to add.

With Halloween fast approaching finding crafts to do with them is one of our top priorities.

What better way to get crafty is to make some super simple Halloween bunting. This bunting is super cute and so easy to make.

All you need is a printer, some ribbon, scissors and tape.

We’ve even done the hard work for you and colored in the bunting if you didn’t want to get the pens out for a more professional feel. All you’d need to do is hit that print button, cut them out, and get it hung.

This Halloween bunting would look great hung on the wall or as we preferred to do is to hang it on the fireplace. The kids love it.

As we said we have created two versions of our Halloween bunting for you. One is a colored version that you can just print and go and the second is a non-colored in version so that you and the kids can put some personal touches on.

For the bunting, we have created six different creepy characters for you, the ghost, Pumpkin, Witch, Vampire, Mummy and a goofy-looking Zombie.

We’ve purposely made them friendly so that the kids wont be scared of them.

How To Make Your Halloween Bunting

How To Make Halloween Bunting

How To Make Halloween Bunting

Make your very own Halloween bunting with the kids and make your house super spooky.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Paper, Ribbon, Clear Tape


  • Scissors, Printer


    STEP 1 - Print the template

    Using the two links below choose which version of the bunting you would like to print. We have a pre-colored version and a plain version that requires you to add your own could with pens or paint.

    Color Halloween Bunting PDF

    Blank Halloween Bunting PDF

    STEP 2 – Cut out the bunting

    Using scissors, cut around the entire outline of the individual bunting characters. We kept to the outside of the black lines.

    STEP 3 - Fold the tops

    Fold over the top along the line, this will create the sleeve for the ribbon to run through so that you can hang your bunting.

    STEP 4 - Thread and stick

    For this step, you will need some clear tape.

    Run the ribbon through the folded sleeve that you created in step 3 and then take a piece of tape and tape down that fold to create a sleave for the ribbon.

    Repeat this step for all of your bunting characters.

    Note; We didn’t glue it down as it will inhibit the ability to slide and position the bunting later on.

    STEP 5 - Hang it

    You should now have what looks like a Halloween bunting!

    Find somewhere to hang it, measure it up, spread the characters a little, and affix it however you please. When you are happy with the spread you can cut the ribbon to size.

    Spooky halloween bunting that the kids will love to make. Get the printable Halloween bunting colored in or blank.
    This printable Halloween craft is a Halloween bunting with goofy spooky characters that the kids will enjoy making.

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